Fabric Strip Scarf

This scarf is a knock off of the Emporio Armani Multi-thread scarf from the S/S '10 collection.

It is made with 3/4 inch wide (lengthwise) strips of knit fabric. The fabric naturally rolls into little tubes and doesn't fray. These are rough instructions for how I did it.

I cut 2 sets of strips, one 27" long and the other 38" long. It would save a lot of work if you cut one set of 65" strips.

I overlapped the ends of the strips and stitched them together by machine.

Next I gathered the strips together where at the seams. I took another strip of fabric and wrapping it around the strips, stitched it down by hand.

I tucked the ends in (see above) securing it invisibly.

For the other end, I wrapped with black knit fabric. It's a fun, unusual scarf/necklace and surprisingly easy to wear.


  1. Very cool! I'd love to try this!

  2. This is great, I plan on trying it out

  3. I did try it and was not all that successful. Cut crosswise, the fabric curled well -- but wrong side out! Cut lengthwise, it hardly curled at all, so I was left with more or less open tubes that also showed the wrong side quite a bit. Too bad. It sounded like a great idea. Apparently, all knit fabrics don't behave the same.

  4. I'm sorry it didn't work for you. The fabric I used was a medium weight knit fabric. A heavier weight (especially something like a double knit) probably will not work very well.

  5. T shirts cut around and around work great


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