Friday Faves - Jan 15

Knitting Patterns

Retro 80s patterns from Drops/Garn Studio collection #1
Not only are these amazing eye-candy and laugh out loud funny, but these patterns are free. Yes, you can create one of these lovelies for your-retro-self. Be aware though, that most of the patterns are only available in British-English (not that big of a problem).

Felt Flower Pillows from the purl bee (photo from the purl bee)

Also check out the purl bee's New Year's Garland.
It reminds me of my paint chip garland:

First posted here. Last seen here. I've since moved to a new apartment and this little garland just sits in a box in the closet.

Taking photos:

Over the weekend, I experimented doing night time shots out of the car window (passenger side of course).

I'm excited to try out my new film camera too! It's called a Slim Devil. It's very light weight and low-tech.


  1. just saw those felt flower pillows too - now on my to do list!


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