Knit Dress Vogue V8593

This dress is made from Vogue pattern V8593, view C. I bought the pattern this fall. As expected, it was really fairly easy to make, the hardest part being the pleated neckline.

The only big change I made was to not put in a back zipper. Initially, I inserted a zipper but it puckered and wobbled. I decided it wasn't required as I can slip on the dress without it and removed the zipper. I did put in a button at the back neck with about a 4 inch opening. Maybe if the back was more fitted, though I'd need the zipper.

If I were to make it again, I would tack down the pleats using regular stitches as opposed to the basting stitches instructed by the pattern. I kept expecting to remove the stitches but it never said to so I just left them. Overall, I'm pleased with the result.


  1. Wow, wonderful!! i'm knitting a beret now, but this dress looks simple to knit!


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