Friday Faves - Sept 11

Decoupage Chest on Martha Stewart (photo from Martha Stewart)
This is probably one of the coolest pieces of decoupage I've ever seen.

Clothing Fix-It Kit on Martha Stewart
Use a business card organizer to hold spare buttons and threads so that they are easy to find when it's time to mend.

Desktop wallpaper on Design*Sponge
designed by Lena Corwin

Also check out this week's Design*Sponge guest blog (by the author of the looks good to me blog) for some amazing fashion-home decor illustrations.

Crochet Grocery Tote on the purl bee (photo from the purl bee)
The photos in the instructions look really helpful, very clear and closeup. I'm not the most confident crocheter but I'd love to try this bag.

The Craftzine podcast from Aug 21 is a pattern for this adorable vintage style baby hat. Check out the designer's vintage knitting site for more. (photo from


  1. That is the best use of decoupage I've ever seen too.


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