Friday Faves - August 7

Ensemble Dresses from Anthropologie
An ensemble dress as defined by Anthropologie looks like a blouse and skirt but is actually a dress. It could be so fun to make a dress like this, using just a yard or less of different fabrics. I also love the redesign of the Anthropologie website.

Home goods: photo from IKEA
The Kajsa Rosor duvet from IKEA. I love the giant embroidered look.

Sewing: photo from PrettyDitty
Scarf Tutorial on Pretty Ditty (via whip up)

Graphic Design: colorful overlapping vintage/retro illustrations

The old:
Olivetti Lettera Manual (via Grain Edit)
See the Flickr set.

The new:
They Might Be Giants album cover, Here Comes Science
(via simple+pretty)


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