Friday Faves - Traveling July 24

My must-pack air travel list

1. Noise canceling headphones
After you try these, you'll never want to fly without them again. The rumble of the plane is majorly muffled and when listening to sound you can keep the volume to a nice medium volume.

2. Scarf & slippers
The scarf will keep you warm as well as a light sweater and slippers will keep feet warm and comfy. A silk scarf will also double as a headband or sling bag.

3. Small craft project
plus a retractable measuring tape and photocopies of the pattern. Socks are a great travel project.

4. Drawstring bags
I organize everything into these bags – craft project and tools, electronics, shoes, dirty clothes.

5. Non-liquid toiletries
powder makeup, solid perfume, disposal face towelettes


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