Friday Faves - July 17

Knitting/Sewing project:
Buckwheat Heating Pad on design*sponge
I love this project mostly because it's so very useful. I think it could be modified to be all knitted or all sewn. Or if you get tired of knitting half way through you can do it as planned.

Fruit Bats (new album out next month!)

Beauty tips:
1. VO5 hot oil
nearly eliminates the need for defrizzing product

2. Egg White Mask
Just separate an egg and smear on the white. Wait till it dries then rinse it off. Save the leftovers for another day. One egg white will make at least 5 masks. Purported to shrink pores and improve clarity, I was shocked how well this mask actually works. It just seemed too cheap and easy to really do anything at all.


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