Everything Tote

My first project from the book Weekend Sewing – the Everything Tote.

The exterior fabric is a very thick kind of upholstery fabric that my great-aunt gave to me. For the lining, I used a cotton I inherited from my grandma that has vintage cars printed on it.
It's a great weekend bag. It is very, very large and will carry everything you need for the entire day. I made a few modifications on the straps and binding. Because I didn't have quite enough fabric, I cut the straps and binding on the grain instead of the bias. Then, when I applying them to the bag, I only folded the strap once lengthwise and sewed it to the bag. My fabric was very thick so I thought it would be simpler my way. It worked out fine and I'm very happy with the finished product. I highly recommend the pattern and will probably make it again.


  1. this is soooooo beautiful... I'm not very good at sewing... just a starter.. do you think that I could something like this?

  2. Looks great! nice choice of fabric, simple and classy..i want to try some projects from that book too.

  3. Hi Macati!
    I might not be a very good judge of difficulty. I think it would be a good beginner project because there are just a few pieces and you don't need to be very exact. There might be a few challenging parts but it would be a good learning experience. I say try it out!


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