I finally used the book Lotta Jansdotter's Simple Sewing that I received for Christmas last year. It's a beautiful book and the weather is perfect for a sunhat. I used scraps of IKEA fabric leftover from a framing project.

The pattern was fairly easy to follow. The top stitching does take some time. I recommend having something entertaining to listen to. My only issue is the fit. There's only one size of the pattern and it appears my head runs a little small. The hat comes down and almost covers my eyes. I love the big brim and it's great for sitting and reading but definitely not a driving hat and walking should be done with caution. But, it's cute and the proportions are a little dramatic, in the "it's impossible to make eye contact with others" kind of way. If I went to the beach I would definitely bring it along.


  1. LOVE this! If there is one thing I wish I could do better, that would be sew. I try and try (and it would help if I had a better sewing machine) but I always seem to get frustrated. I guess you could say I don't like to follow patterns. I'm better when I'm just winging it.

    Thanks for vising my blog! Again, love your work.

  2. Very nice! Ikea has some cool fabric, doesn't it?! (And thank you for the lovely compliment on the knitting)

  3. yeah, i've heard that about this pattern. But if it works for the beach, go for it. I always think a large brimmed hat can be kind of sexy ya know.

  4. looks great. just like the photo in the book. i like the fabric choice too.

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