Maxi Dress - McCalls M5624

I know, it's been a while since I posted. I had to get my camera fixed and I fell out of the habit but I've been doing lots of sewing so I have a lot to show and I hope to be doing it regularly. I finished this dress a few weeks ago. I bought the fabric at JoAnns early in the summer and actually used it with the pattern I had intended to use - McCalls M5624. I made view B for length and the contrasting midriff from view A. I also added a contrasting band at the hem. For a true maxi dress, it could probably be even longer. I think I made the length given in the pattern but I'm tall, so of course it doesn't hit the floor, which would be distracting anyway. I think I did lengthen the front bodice, which I usually do for under bust seams. I'm satisfied with the fit. It would be a slimmer look if it was tighter at the midriff but would also be less comfortable so I'm not going to change it.

The one big change I made was the shoulders. I skipped the braided strap and extended the pattern to the shoulder for both the front and back. I then made pleats at the front shoulder to fit the back. It's a low back so check to make sure you like the depth before cutting. It's a nice summer dress that I really should wear again before fall comes.


  1. About how long does it take you sew something, do you try and finish it all at once like me?


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