Sweater Steeking

Last week I tried steeking for the first time. I used the instructions from this article on knitty.com. Steeking is a technique used to make pullovers into cardigans! Basically, one stitches on either side of the center front using a sewing machine, then cuts up the center. It can be kind of scary but it wasn't that hard and actually kind of fun. I highly recommend reading the article on knitty.com. The instructions were very clear and there were a lot of examples of different sweaters.

The sweater I chose to remake is one I bought from J.Crew a few years ago. It looks good when it comes out of the wash but as the cotton warms up it loosens and gets baggy around the middle making it really unflattering. I decided I'd wear it a lot more if it was a cardigan so I stitched, cut and then applied grosgrain ribbon by hand stitching to finish the edges.

I'm working on another one too that I bought at the thrift store. I think it will need a little more work though. I've also made some progress on my second sock and will be ready to turn the hell before long.


  1. I have never heard of steeking before. What an excellent job you have done - no-one would ever be able to tell that it started life as a sweater!

  2. I haven't heard of this either, but you did a great job!

  3. you are so talented and a recycling queen!

  4. wow, that is such a great idea, ive never heard of it before. You did an amazing job with that sweater!

  5. This is fantastic...but I'm way too much of a chicken to try it!!!

  6. I've seen this around a few times but now I'm totally going to try it. I am convinced by that photo - I have a sweater just like it that I never wear for that exact reason - unflattering stretchiness.



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