Refashioned Easter Dress

Ah, pretty flowers. It's night time now but I took pictures of my weekend project earlier so I wanted to post it. Plus, I'm thinking of it as my Easter Dress so it's only appropriate to do it now and sleep later.
This project was a Refashion from a dress I had from high school (!), when I wore ill-fitting clothing. I didn't think to take a "before" picture until I had already started dismantling but below is a very, very rough sketch of the before and after and what I did.

The "before" is at the bottom. Basically a sack dress, sleeveless with a gathered waist and buttons down the front. I undid the waist, leaving the button band in place and stitched the skirt back to the bodice without any gathers and made the skirt straight. I cut off the excess fabric and used it to make gathered sleeves, a gathered flounce at the hem and a gathered bias cut collar. Finally, I stitched two rows of elastic to the waist to make it figure flattering. It's pretty flouncy and ruffly but it's fun, easy to wear and just right for Easter.


  1. From your sketch it looks like a great refashion process. I love the end result and wouldn't have thought of it from the original sack dress. Well done!

  2. It's very cute. I'm amazed at the transformation!

  3. Nice job!!! Speaking of refashioning, I have gone to sleep the last 3 nights dreaming of ways to redo 2 sack dresses of my own. One is slinky knit gray material, no buttons or zippers. The other is some kind of black floral print polyester fabric with button's down the top back. I was thinking of maybe some peasant tops? I dunno.

    Also, I scored a beautiful satiny floral fabric remnant from Hancocks Friday night for $1.95 and I am not sure what to do with it yet. I wish we were friends in real life cuz then you could help me brainstorm LOL

  4. Awesome refashion. You have a really good eye for how to rework things.

  5. Your blog is lovely. I found you this morning via angry chicken's apron flickr pics. Nice work.
    Happy Day.

  6. Nicely done!
    That's a great dress--love the flirty collar & sleeves and the two rows of elastic that you used for the waist [totally better than one!].

  7. love this dress. you're so talented and inspiring! i've been reading your blog for the past month now but this is my first comment. i've also made a couple of your reversible shoulder bags and will probably make a dozen more. :)

  8. This dress is great. You are so talented! It is the perfect easter dress.


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