Pinwheel Cape

This is the Pinwheel Cape from Vogue Knitting Winter 2007/08 designed by Teva Durham. This was really fun to knit. It was one of the two projects I took with me to London. I lost the directions to my other project so I managed to complete all the pieces for the cape while I was there.

I seamed the seven pinwheel pieces together this weekend while watching many consecutive episodes of the addictive tv program Friday Night Lights. I followed the pattern very closely except I didn't do one seam (the B sides if you're looking at the pattern) leaving the cape open at the front.

In the photo of the cape at the top, peaking out from underneath the cape, is my new thrift store find dress. It's an 80s-era grecian style, short black dress. I'm taking out the shoulder pads and maybe narrowing the shoulders. This is definitely a dress for having fun out on the town.

I also bought some fabrics at Joanns and even washed and ironed them. The pink floral is for an apron for a gift. The stripes and blue solid are remnants I'm thinking I'll fashion into a shirt and the black, grey and yellow floral and solid black are for a summer dress (McCalls M5624). If you look at pattern 5624, you'll see it has two dresses and a jumpsuit. I'm planning to make the long dress with contrasting fabrics. But, there's something about the jumpsuit that is appealing, if it was short and either solid or subtly striped and not strappy. Is that crazy, to actually want a jumpsuit? Imagine my designer knockoff project with shorts.


  1. I really like the floral fabric (black, grey, yellow). I can't wait to see the dress you make with it.

  2. Lovely cape!
    Can't wait to see how your dress turns out.

  3. i like the jumpsuit idea for summer in linen, that would be nice!

  4. That pinwheel cape is awesome! Go ahead with the jumpsuit I like this idea!

  5. Thanks guys! I'm excited to make some new summer dresses too.

    I forgot to mention that for the yarn I substituted and used Rowan Summer Tweed and size 8 double-pointed needles.

  6. Beth, thanks for visiting my blog! I only have like 1 person that visits regularly and she's a couponer. It's neat to have a crafter visit and comment on my projects!
    Thanks for the idea about a belt or elastic. I had thought about making an elastic casing and tested this out first by taking a length of elastic and pinning it under my bust. Because there is SO much fabric it tends to poke out too much for my liking in the front, making me appear to be preggo. I think next time, I'll pick something other than cotton to make it out of. Like maybe jersey, that might hang better, you think?


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