New Shoes & Don't you hate it when...

Target always suckers me in to buying another pair of shoes. They have my size (11, horror, believe me) more and more often these days.I'm in love with my new wedges. They are actually pretty comfortable although the narrow wedge is a little wobbly for me.

OMG, so I went out to a show (in Hollywood) tonight that my brother was playing. Hence, the dressed up legs (above) (the perfect opportunity to wear my new thrifting find) and why I am still awake at this ridiculously late hour, on a school night no less. And now for what you've all been waiting for.

Don't you hate it when:
You get to the parking lot and all of the regular spots are gone and there are just two parallel spots left and you have that feeling that you might get blocked in if you park there. But, you tell your self that you are being ridiculous and that if someone parks in the other spot you will have plenty of room to exit. Don't worry, just park. Go have fun. And you do. But you still have that nagging feeling and insist that your very kind brother walk you to your car to make sure you can get out.

AND THEN there is a car parked in a place that is NOT a spot and completely blocks you between the building and another car in an actual spot. What can you do?

You go back to the club and walk around, asking people if they own this car, straining to be heard over the music. No one owns the car. The tow company refuses to come. As the kind brother calls a second time, the club manager suggests you ask the people in the boxing club upstairs. Ascend the stairs. Who is it? I'm from the parking lot. (?) Door opens. Oh, that's Danielle's car, you must be in Frankie's spot. You shouldn't park in Frankie's spot. Um, who's Frankie? There's no sign. (I looked for signage before I parked, the nervousness already present.) Manager suggests not arguing with boxing club guy. He informs us that Frankie is a famous trainer. First anyone's heard of a "spot" though. Guy from gym hails Danielle from another upstairs apartment. Car is unblocked. Whew. Arrive home safely, with car.

And don't you hate it when
, you accidentally stab yourself in the palm with a mechanical pencil? Can one night be more eventful?

Well, in crafting news. I'm continuing with my pink leaf scarf. I'm more than half way done with the second half. It's possible I could finish knitting it this weekend. Then I'll need to block it. Happy Friday and weekend!


  1. Wow,...uh famous, don't block in someone's car.

    Glad you got home safely and those shoes are cute!

  2. I've been tracking these shoes down for the past couple of years. You are so lucky, I love them!!!
    Now regarding your parking experience... you have all my sympathy. I hate it when I don't listen to my intuitions ;o)

  3. Cute shoes and scarf. I'll be taking a trip to Target this weekend trying to track those shoes down. :)

  4. I do love the shoes.

    I'm really not mad about the parking I thought it was funny in the end to get blocked in by the girlfriend of the trainer of the most famous ear-biter in history. I think I forgot to mention that part. :)

  5. I actually buy my flats at target and I love them too. They do make nice affordable things that occassionally fit really well. The car thing, at least you have a story to tell. You were blocked in by Mike Tyson's trainer's girlfriend, THE Mike Tyson!

  6. LOVE the shoes! and your story is hillarous...

  7. oh I love the scarf!

    that once happened to us when we went to visit a dr while holidaying and a large greek church started their service and just parked us in despite the fact we parked in the medical centre carpark! what to do...disturb a holy service, sit an hour waiting for it to finish! some nice greek man went in for us and problem solved with a laugh from the parker - iner! so annoying...I feel for you

    love your blog by the way!

  8. Bet you can't beat my 12! Target never has those.


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