"itty-bitty nursery" book

What a lovely surprise to come home today and find a package from Jennifer of the Craftsanity podcast. I entered her drawing to win "itty-bitty nursery" by Susan B Anderson (check out the interview here) around January sometime and had completely forgotten about it. Apparently I won the book! It was mailed at the beginning of last month but I had my mail on hold while I was on vacation and just got the last of it today.

It's really so adorable and whimsical. I don't know many babies but the knitted toys are awfully cute. Thank you so much Jennifer!!! I love the little creatures and the tea set. These are items I think I would have really liked as a kid too. How fun would it be to wear those slippers (below)?

I'm slowly adjusting to life back at home. I really got out of the habit of blogging and even reading blogs. Sorry. I'll get back into it I think it will just take a little while. I have been doing a lot of knitting though so I should have some things to post soon.


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