I've returned from my trip to Europe and am trying to recover from jetlag and a minor cold before work tomorrow. Here are some pics from my weekend trip to Amsterdam. It's a lovely city.

Amsterdam has many canals
and many bikes

flower markettulips

window shopping pics
cute, kitsch and vintage all seem to be very popular in Amsterdam

this store has a fun viva Mexico feel

I also stumbled across a few yarn stores in Amsterdam. The magazine racks had dutch versions of the Burda World of Fashion magazine. I wasn't wild about the styles so I didn't buy either magazine. In shopping news, I did buy a cute patterned plastic tray and some little wooden tulips. Besides shopping, I visited a number of fabulous art museums.


  1. I'm trying very hard not to be jealous. What lovely photos!

  2. I visited Amsterdam during a snow storm -I was amazed to see everybody riding their bike like everything was just normal- and enjoyed the many museums. Your pics are nice and make me wanna eat pancakes in the heat of an Amsterdam cafe ;o) Welcome back!

  3. I love that place! Thanks for sharing such great pictures.

  4. Wonderful pics! I'd love to visit Amsterdam someday - it's very high on our list. Thanks for sharing!


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