Tie One On Polka Dot Apron

The Tie One On apron polka-dot theme gallery is now up. I contributed for the first time with this (possibly familiar) number.

Kind of a slacker post today but the photos are new. I'm getting over a cold so I was less productive over the weekend. Before long, I'll take some photos for my entry for the Sewing Pattern Review Designer Knock-Off contest. My project is all done and road tested.


  1. OOOh, now I feel the pressure, must finish mine by the week end... That apron looks nice, it almost makes me want to enter the kitchen ;o)

  2. What a cute apron! I'm loving the fabric and the contrasting binding that you chose. Is that fabric new or vintage?

  3. The fabric and binding are both vintage. While we're on the subject, the fabric is also pretty narrow, only 36 inches.

  4. super cute apron. i love the burst of teal around the edges. and really, can you go wrong with dots. I'm a bit dot obsessed right now and stocking up on dotty fabric.


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