Pleated Front Dress

My first issue of Domino magazine came in the mail last week. I really enjoy Domino but I'm afraid their organization hints did not help me in the least. Baskets are really not going to solve any problems for me. My problems are more along the lines of, "put away your junk, lazy girl". The dress on the cover however (and in yellow in the accompanying article) inspired me to make one of my own. The dress is designed by Katy Rodriguez. I modified Vogue pattern V8414 to make my version in gray. Mostly, I took in the shoulders and added inches to the center front for the pleat. The first version I did had shoulders that extended to the end of my shoulders but it looked too girlish/smock/nightgown. So I cut it down a little more until the proportion was right. The turtleneck is from H&M. I really like layering turtlenecks under dresses. It extends their life through multiple seasons. Normally, I'd wear dark tights too but it was 80 degrees today and I just couldn't do it, even if it did complete the outfit.

The photo at the top is doing double duty showing a swatch for some socks I am planning to knit. I received a book about sock knitting for Christmas. I requested the book because although I've knit entire sweaters, I've never knit socks before. They are a little daunting but I'm completely confident that I can tackle the task. I even bought a set of size 3 dpn for the project.

I'm planning to take the sock project and the new frock with me on my trip to London. I leave next Monday and I'm so excited. I've been doing lots of packing in my head but not enough physical packing yet. This is not an unusual pattern for me. I want to have everything I could possibly need perfectly packed, organized and ready for the moment when I will surely need band-aids, an emery board or a tea bag. Despite hours of planning and rolls of lists, the packing is often left until midnight the night before a trip. Maybe this time will be different. How do you pack for a three week long international trip? Do you have any advice, words of wisdom?


  1. Cute knockoff! As for the packing, I have no clue. The time I was abroad for a month I backpacked it so I really couldn't bring much. All the small things we needed we just bought.

  2. Pack half of what you think you will wear, seriously. Husband and I went to Spain for 15 days and by the end he was pissed about how heavy our luggage was. Because I too am needing to bring everything I might possibly need. I did use a travel laundry set (packets of woolite and a mini clothes line with suction cups, a girl needs clean underwear.) That's really all I can recommend. Besides, you are going to need room in that luggage for the return trip, trust.

  3. I love it! And you're so right about turtlenecks extending the time you can wear a dress--I just wish they didn't feel like they're strangling me!

    Great packing advice that I got before moving overseas (but also appropriate for long trips)--pack everything, then take out half. It'll be plenty.

  4. Neato dress, and perfect for London. I can't believe you are living in 80 degree weather! Hmph.

    I always make a pile of what I want to bring, then drastically pare it down, as Kayla said. And make sure your tops/bottoms coordinate with at least two other bottoms/tops. And leave extra room for the shopping that you will do :)

  5. Your dress looks and fits better than the one on Domino's cover.

  6. Wow, thanks for all the advice and for the compliments on the dress. I'm saving it to wear on my trip. I'll let you know how the packing goes. :)

  7. i love this dress beth! i have a vintage pattern with the same inverted pleat but it looked like a tent when i made it. is this fabric a little heavier? it almost looks like a sweater dress from here. love it!

    i'm jealous of your 80 degree weather and your european vacation :)

  8. Hi Andrea!

    The fabric is a medium weight suiting type. I honestly can't remember what the fiber content is. I think having the top part well fitted might make it less like a tent. My first version looked horrible because the shoulders were too wide. Keeping it slim along the sides could help too. There's not much flare to the skirt.

    Sometimes Lucky magazine has good advice on fitting. I seem to remember one in particular about loose tops. You might want to check out their website.

  9. I've spent the past three summers living in Europe, and these things saved my life:
    Embark® Compression Storage Bags, you can buy them at Target or on Amazon.
    They are hand rolled space bags and they really help save space in suitcases.
    Also, I would recommend packing clothes you can wear a lot before washing, and make sure everything works with basically everything else.
    If you are concerned about space, buy basic things like shampoo and soap in a small size when you get there, and just throw it away before you leave.

  10. I absolutely agree with that Domino's organization article. And yeah, I'm that kind of lazy girl too. :-)


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