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Posting will be sparse for a while because I'm now on holiday in London (meaning I'm not attached to a computer during all of my waking hours). I've been here for almost one week and have two more to go. So far I've had a blast. I've done some of the London sights (British Museum, Portobello Road). I've also gone to Oxford, the Cotswold region and a bit of Wales.
Today I'm going to the Tate Modern and this weekend to Amsterdam! The weather is very cold here and I've had to layer up the clothes. But I see a bit of sunshine now so I should get moving on some more sight-seeing.

Before I left, at the suggestion of commenter Katie, I set up a Flickr group for the Reversible Shoulder Bag. If you've made one and have a Flickr account, please join the group and share your pictures. I added a slew of links to the sidebar on the right, making it quick and easy to access the pattern, tutorial and flickr group. So, if you haven't made a bag, check out the tutorial and download the free pattern.


  1. Just added my bag to the flickr group.

  2. I will have to have a go too. Hope you are having a great time away...sounds like you are.

  3. I just spent the better part of my morning pouring through your archives. I was looking for something to do with the fabric from a pair of faux-suede boots that I love--little rossette pins or something--and I found your blog.

    I love it! I am currently running through my unused fabric stash to decide which pieces will get framed.

    I don't knit or croche yet, but you've inspired me to look into classes. Thanks, Beth!


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