New Website Design

I redesigned my website today. I had been thinking about doing it for a couple weeks and when I switched on the computer today I got right to it. The only things I changed were the headers and background color. It's a softer more sophisticated design, using brown and grey colors and a square motif pattern (shown at right). On my website, you can see photos, a list of tutorials and patterns to download.

I had been planning to do more sewing today but by the time I finished the website I was so tired that I had to take a nap! Sundays are so great for doing just what needs to be done at the moment. Now I need to make some dinner and get ready for the work week. Cheers!


  1. The new site is lovely. Clean, modern and easy on the eyes. I wish I had some of your talent with graphics.

  2. A reader had to go through the interview for Web Designer / Graphic Designer position and sent in his set of questions.

    1. Whats is the difference between cellspacing and cellpadding?
    2. If a page has to be loaded over all frames in window, what should be the value of TARGET attributes?
    3. Which one of the following settlement is correct?
    1. A table cannot contain another table
    2. A Form can ve nested inside another form
    3. Which element are table cells
    4. List out tags that are support exclusively by IE and Netscape.
    5. What tags are used to embed one html page inside another html page (without using frames)?
    6. In dreamweaver what is used to apply same layout to my pages.
    7. Which HTML tag is used to define an internal style sheet?
    8. How do you define an inline style?
    (Website design India)

  3. Good for you for taking the time to make your site. I've been meaning to revise mine forever (it's been the same since college). Note to self: get motivated!


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