Gifts and Soft Trees

Fueled by coffee and crafting I made a slew of xmas decorations and gifts this last week.

I was inspired to make some soft tree xmas decorations this week. They've been seen all over the place and I can't remember where I originally saw them. The first one I made is crocheted from green and black yarn (second from the left above). The rest are sewn from scrap fabric.

I rather like the lumpy look. I made one woodsy colored set and one winter wonderland peppermint set. I believe both color schemes are appropriate for the season.

These are smushed into a little glazed pot (one of two pots) I bought at the thrift store this week. The pots would be a great gift if I could bear to part with them.

Two things I will part with are these knitted hats.

Another gift is this mug and knitted mug cozy. I'll fill it with candies before wrapping it. I made the cozy using the pattern from Interweave Holiday Gifts magazine (2007). I used Lion Suede yarn and size 10 (?) double pointed needles. I had to frog a few rows before I got it the right height. I made the ties by crocheting a chain. The cozy makes a good built in coaster and the Lion Suede doesn't slip around. How clever is that? A cozy with three purposes.


  1. I love the mug cozy! If I had some skill with my hands I might have to put one together for Justine - she loves hot drinks from mugs, and a cozy would make it all the better!


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