Candy Wreath and WIPs

A dear friend gave me this candy covered Christmas wreath. The candies are attached to a foam wreath using pins so they can be easily eaten and replaced. So cute. I hung it on the wall today but hung it too high as I tend to do.

Now some WIPs:

A corduroy shirt dress. I started with these awesome vintage buttons but when I tried it on the buttons looked like big red clown noses. Just ridiculous. They had to go. So, it's not quite done yet but maybe later tonight.
The dress would be done if I wasn't so obsessed with this bias knit scarf. The yarn is Noro Iro and just gorgeous. It's very easy and I'm whipping right through my two skeins.
More later when things are completed and photographed.


  1. a candy wreath? too good! would spend a lot of money by replacing those little temptations!

  2. beth this is so cute, as are your recent clothing creations!
    i have the same hanging height problem (it's cause we're tall) but apartment therapy solved all my problems with this post (57" on center):

  3. Noro yarn looks beautiful - love the colours! The simple pattern brings it out well.

  4. Thanks for the compliments! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who hangs things too high. The tall thing is occasionally a problem. I just hang it at eye level and it looks normal until I step away. Thanks for link Andrea!


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