Vintage Vogue 7136

Another treasure I received visiting my aunt this weekend. She was a sewer too and gave me the pattern, Vogue 7136. She made it three times and found a picture of herself in a pink linen version. The placket down the center front hides a dart. Is it not the chicest design? She got rid of a lot of clothes and patterns that had gone out of style. Now they're back in style and sorely missed. It makes one not want to get rid of anything ever. I know I have a few patterns from the early 90s that I cannot imagine ever wearing again. But it seems like everything comes back and in thirty years I would think those patterns are the coolest thing ever.

The wild fabric behind the pattern is a smock style apron. I don't think it was ever used. The colors are so bright. It's fantastic! The label says it's from Japan. It's very long and hits mid-thigh on me (that would be knee-length on some). I tried to take a picture of it on but none of the photos were flattering. Oh well, the pattern of the fabric is the best part.


  1. What an awesome pattern. It seems like all those vintage dresses had pockets, too. Gotta love that.


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