Simplicity 3867

I've really been doing a lot of sewing lately. These items were finished a week ago or more and I almost forgot I hadn't mentioned them. I made both the top and the dress from Simplicity 3867. I really liked the pattern. The construction of the shoulders is clever and new to me.

The top is a vintage border print silk. The border print was a little challenging because the border was along both selvages and down the center. I used the border for the ties, hem and shoulders.
The style is very easy to wear and conceals the lower half if you like that. All in all, I would recommend the top/dress pattern.


  1. I'm beginning to think there is nothing you sew that I won't like. I love the choice of fabrics you chose for both pieces. Very clever way to use the border print!

  2. Love your top and your dress :)

  3. Thanks! Gosh. I'm pleased you like them. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Ok, I love everything you do. These are adorable! I am definitely going to check out this pattern as I don't have enough dresses and can't find what I want in the store.


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