Dresses, dresses, dresses

I'm obsessed with dresses right now. For months I've been contemplating what I should wear to my brother's wedding this fall. I have other dresses to consider as well. First, I'm making my future sister-in-law's wedding dress. It's in the works but no details can be revealed. Second, I need to help my mom find a mother of the groom dress. Being in different states this involves emailing links and discussing the possibilities. We will go shopping in a couple of weeks to try things on. (If anyone has recommendations for what a mother of the groom should wear, we would both appreciate it a lot. FYI: It's a semi-casual fall wedding in southern California, in the afternoon and both indoors and outdoors.) Third, I'm going to a wedding of a friend at the end of September. It's a night wedding in Seattle and indoors. (Those details are important aren't they?) I know I should wear something I have in my closet but I want something else.

I've been flipping through my fashion magazines looking for a style that I like. Then, I can find fabric, maybe a similar pattern and sew it up. Hopefully, not in the middle of the night before the big day. I stumbled across this ad and immediately marked it as a style I like.
Cap sleeves with a full skirt would look great with this fabric that my great-aunt gave me last weekend. She bought it when she lived in Japan in the 50s. The pattern is like Monet waterlilies and peacock feathers.
Trying to find out more about the dress in the ad, I went to ShopVogue.tv. It's a flash site that takes a little while to load but it is worth it if you like fashion. There are videos with current fashion tips and links for shopping. Of course they do not have a video about what a mother of the groom should wear and I couldn't find any info about the dress in that ad. I wish I could decide what I want to wear and that my mind would stay that way. Wishful thinking.


  1. This fabric is amazing! How special. Just gorgeous! Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage

  2. Hi Beth,

    You surely are a creative one!! I love your built by wendy dress. Can you tell me where do you get your fabric? Thanks!

  3. Hi Valkuan,

    I bought the denim fabric for the Built by Wendy dress at Michael Levine (mlfabric.com) in the fashion district of Los Angeles. The patterned fabric on that dress is quilting fabric from JoAnns. LA has some great places for fabric, especially, the fashion district. I also go to JoAnns and thrift stores. Some of my fabric, like the one in this post is vintage fabric from relatives. A cool place in Portland, OR for vintage fabric is Knittn Kitten. Sometimes I get fabric at IKEA. Even before they came out with fabrics by the yard, I bought bed linens and cut them up. So that's a lot of options. I guess I buy fabric just about anywhere. I recommend looking for fabric everywhere you go and you'll eventually find your favorite spots.


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