LulaLouise Website Update

A long overdue update to my website has finally been uploaded. Above is a screen shot of the tutorials page. There are a lot of updates still to do including the patterns page but it's good to get started.

I've been doing lots of crafting but don't have any pictures yet. The project-doing has been a little too frantic to pause for photos. I always try to be organized, to finish projects before starting new ones but it doesn't happen. The creative impulse takes over and I must do whatever strikes my fancy at that moment. I've been reading a vintage sewing book from the library that's all do-it-yourself patterns. It's awesome. When I have a successful project, I'll share.

Last night I cut out the pieces for two dresses. Even though I have two partially finished dresses and one top sitting on the back of the couch. It's a little out of control. Oh well, that's why I live alone.

Don't forget to check out the spankin' new website.


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