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ing is a super fantastically entertaining band co-headed by my dear brother John. To quickly describe them, the performances are part music and part performance art. Both members are very skilled musicians who allow themselves to improvise. Every show is completely different. What will happen at an ing performance can not be predicted. So I started thinking I need to document my experience of some of the events.
June 7, 8 pm
Dangerous Curve
Los Angeles, CA

01. a small gathering of spectators, the type you'd call intimate. There are spotlights on the performance area.
02. John and Max sit at a square table. John has a guitar and a laptop. Max has a small keyboard and his trumpet. There are other little noise making objects around.
03. John presses the space bar on his laptop and a steady beat starts.
04. John quietly plucks the guitar. Max alternates between keyboard and trumpet.
05. Both play bells.
06. Max starts rolling his chair around the performance space. He realizes it's pretty fun. He bounces off walls. He has a great shadow on the brick wall. He returns to the table.
07. Max plays a drum and bells. John plays music too.
08. Max stands up takes John's hand and swirls him around so he is no longer facing the audience.
09. John and Max play the guitar together. I can't really see what's going on.
10. Max sings about people gathering for fun and eating. John joins in. "And we ate all day long"
11. Max returns to his seat and they finish playing music
12. Hearty round of applause from all attendees
13. Max and John high five
14. A brief Q and A
15. John eats cookies


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