Vogue V8319

A new dress for me! I cut out the dress on Friday from some work appropriate, mottled brown fabric. The cutting was so much faster than the construction.That's not to say that it's a challenging pattern. It's not really difficult and went very quickly until I started working on the lining and the fitting. I've done everything except for the hem.
There are princess seam style darts and angled yokes in the front and back. I may try to adapt this pattern for other designs. I may decide to take in the bottom of the darts a little more to try to smooth out the line.


  1. I have a question. I actually have this pattern and was just about to go fabric shopping when I realized the pattern doesn't suggest a lining fabric.

    What did you use or suggest for the lining?

  2. Hi Annie,

    For lining, I used a basic lining material, just a lightweight synthetic polyester. You could probably also use silk organza or anything lightweight.

    Good luck!


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