Short Sleeve Cardigan

I started this cardigan right after I bought the Fitted Knits book about a month ago. A bonus was using up some Cotton Tots yarn that's been in my stash for a few years.I lengthened the sweater and added short rows to the bust.
I also had to pick up extra stitches for the button band because of the changes.
My version has more buttons than the original.

I wasn't very careful the first time I sewed the buttons on and the center horizontal ribbing wasn't lined up.
So, I had to redo some of it today.

I still haven't finished the green twisted front sweater but I want to finish it before starting another knitting project. I finished all the pieces then realized that I had messed up the back and it needed to be redone. This kind of mistake usually makes me postpone for a while until I can get over the prospect of redoing work. But I'm back to it, in between sewing projects.


  1. Your cardigan looks fab! Welcome to the KAL too... it's nice to know I have a "neighbor" working along on similar projects (I'm in Pomona).


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