Button bonanza!

At the thrift store today I discovered these jars full of vintage buttons. There were matching buttons in separate jars which meant that I needed all of the jars or else the buttons might be separated from their match and that would be very sad. The icing on the cake was that the buttons were half off!
The buttons are so gorgeous! I love them. You know those buttons that are made of shell or something and they make a clinking sound when bumped together? I love that sound.

At the thrift store, the clerk noticed that I bought buttons, patterns and fabric and commented with much surprise, "You're a sewer! You're a sewer! There aren't very many of those any more." I just smiled and nodded, my usual response when I don't know what to say.
Before I left another clerk came over and asked what I planned to do with the buttons.
I said that I planned to admire them.


  1. Oh, you're a girl after me own heart. (said in my best Irish brogue). I love buttons!

  2. Oh I love buttons too! And I thought maybe I was a little strange because of it. I am jealous you found so many vintage buttons for half off. I haven't found anything like that so far in my city :(

  3. I love love buttons ..but it is so expenseve to shipping them in Italy


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