fabric plans

Pictured are some of the new fabrics I bought last weekend. I already showed some of the previously purchased fabrics but I neglected to mention the new fabric. If I have one addiction it has to be fabric. My resistance is futile. I love it. So it's a happy addiction anyway.
I usually buy the fabric with a project in mind. Sometimes the plans change and sometimes I forget what the plans were. Regarding the fabrics shown, the navy dots and pink checks are for shirts from the Burda magazine. The green stripey seersucker is for a puff sleeved shirt dress using the pattern in the photo.

I've been thinking today about how to document and remember my ideas and intentions for all this fabric I buy. Most of all I want it to be organized. No solutions yet. Right now I have the fabric and patterns in separate bins and I like that. I even tried to organize the patterns recently. I do have my sketchbooks for making notes and that seems to work fine.
I imagine there could be another way though. I'll mull it over. Night!


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