Bunny Love

I'm really in the Easter spirit these days, unusually excited about bunnies.

I made this bunny (my first amigurumi) from this pattern that I saw on craftzine.
I made him from Patons Classic Wool and then through him in the wash with a load of whites.

I think the socks might have roughed him up a bit. His head is kind of wobbly now.
But look how he finds comfort from Bach.
I'm going to keep making more bunnies.
I think this one's name is Harold so the next bunny I make will have to be Maude.
I'm going to try making a thicker neck on the next one.
Speaking of bunnies, Martha Stewart was making the cutest pom-pom bunnies today!


  1. Harold is gorgeous, I think his floppy head makes him look really cute!
    I love the way that every bunny comes out slightly different with a personality of its own.
    Hope you have lots of fun making some more.
    j xxxx

  2. Thank you! I've come to love his floppy head too. Plus one leg is longer than the other making him even wobblier.


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