Many works in progress

I've been doing lots of different projects lately. I really wanted to complete some projects (4 to be exact) before starting new ones but I get distracted so easily. And I tend to indulge the distraction because I do projects because they are fun and if I don't feel like working on a certain project I won't.

Crafting is most satisfying when doing exactly what you want to do when you want to do it. Otherwise, what's the point?

A new magazine came in the mail (so exciting!) with two WIPs, I started the yellow lace dress about 15 months ago, the beige skirt was started too many years ago to count. Both are just waiting to be hemmed, for more than a week now.

One of my distractions, a Saturday Market Bag from MagKnits. (Pictured with my bear Gooseberry because we all know bears love to be photographed and the bag conveniently keeps him out of trouble.) This bag was a quick, easy project. The first row was the hardest but it was downhill from there. Plus, the designer is from my hometown, Eugene, OR.


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