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I bought this pattern a few years ago and have always loved it, perhaps to an unreasonable level. How can you not love the sunglasses and wind-blown hair? I bought the fabric at my favorite St Vincent de Paul in Eugene, OR over Christmas break. The zipper is probably from the same store. The fabric is a low-stretch knit. I started to make view B, shown in the center in purple.

This is a visually challenging fabric and I recognized that from the start. I was afraid it would look like little boy pajamas but I forged ahead anyway. I cut the pieces, shirred the waist then tried it on. I made adjustments. But it looked droopy in exactly the wrong places.

It was time for
PLAN BI had this pattern, Simplicity 3964, and had already cut out the pieces. (I've also started the tunic in a purple knit but that's another post.)So, I chopped up the dress, removed the shirring and dug out some old, navy knit scraps from a pair of pajama pants I made two states and 8 years ago.

The pattern has a tie at the back neck but I thought I'd use up some of my many buttons. I made little tubes to hold on the buttons. (What are those tube things for buttons called?)

It's a pretty cool pattern but I was surprised how much bulk gets layered up especially with the sleeves. The looks like it's screaming to be made in a knit but knits can bulk up fast. At the armhole there are six layers of fabric in the end. It could be eliminated by making the sleeve one layer and hemming it (prettier if your fabric is reversible) and making the facing one layer. If you have a serger you might even eliminate the facings. The pattern also instructs you to sew the bias strips used to cover the neckline using a straight seam, not an angled seam as one normally uses with bias strips. Use the angled seam. Otherwise the seam is really bumpy inside of the tie.

I'm almost done with the top. It still needs to be hemmed and topstitched. Almost there!


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