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A new knitting project

I'm going to try to make the Scenester Scarf-Hat from the book Speed Knitting. I got the pattern from the CRAFT magazine podcast. It's a scarf with pockets at the ends to warm your hands and a hood in the middle to warm your head.
I only have three skeins of this yarn though so I think I'll start with the hood at the top and then just knit as far as I can. I'm using Blossom from Trendsetter Yarns. I got it on sale a while back. It's really really soft.
The other project I need to start working on is my ornaments for the Christmas Ornament Swap. I've made a plan and picked out my fabrics (above). I haven't done as much crafting as I intended to this weekend but I have gotten a lot of cleaning done. There's always more cleaning to do though. Now if I just get off the computer I'd actually get some stuff done.


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