My old things

I have lots of old, inherited things. When I unpacked my things in my new apartment I realized that it looked a lot like an old woman's apartment. But I love my old things. They have character. They have history.

I went to an antique mall last weekend. I didn't see a single thing that I couldn't live without. For one thing, my shelves are full. (You haven't even see the cupboard full of crystal.) For another thing, nothing was as thrilling as things I already have.

Also, I decided that I like thrift stores more because the prices are lower and I'm never expecting to find something wonderful. So, when I do it's more exciting. I expect too much at the antique store. I expect everything to be precious and pretty but half the time it's just old and overpriced.

But let's end on a positive note. Do you see those fabulous graters down there? And the green pitcher. I did buy the green pitcher/gravy boat in an antique store. I love it. I have a smaller one that is grey and has a matching sugar bowl.


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