More thrift store purchases

Yesterday, I went to a thrift store I had not been to before. To my delight, they had fabric and sewing notions. I scooped up some beads, zippers (10 cents each!) and vintage fabric. I was slowly browsing because I had some time and there was a line. That was when I found the set of tube turners!!! I had been wanting some tube turners for a while because turning tubes can be one of the most aggravating experiences. A few years ago I bought a tube turning tool that is just a long metal stick with a hook at one end and circular handle at the other. It just didn't really work. I'm very optimistic about these and will try them out as soon as I can.

I also got this curved ruler because I've been making my own patterns and I think it will help. Back to the tube turners. The design of the box is great too and has instructions on the inside lid. Stay tuned for more on the tube turners.


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